It’s that time of year…what are your Resolutions?

Cob Cottage Gifts, Green New Year ResolutionsHappy New Year everyone!  Ok, I’m a little early, but I wanted to get this blog out there in case you haven’t already decided on your resolutions.  I personally have 2 this year.

One is to cut down on my use of paper towels, they are still a crutch for me and I need to work on that, so my plan is to buy or make more cloth napkins for my family to use, have some “shop towels” or cleaning rags available for cleaning and keep all of my old bath towels handy for big spills that need to be cleaned up.  As long as I keep those around, I should have no use whatsoever for paper towels.

My second resolution is to get organized.  You may wonder what being organized has to do with being green, but they actually tie together pretty well, at least in my life.

Being organized can help cut down on wasteful purchases.  I have lost so many things and gone out and bought more or another of the item because I couldn’t find the ones I had.  There are about 20 flashlights running around my house, but I can’t ever find one when I need it.  The same for fingernail clippers and even Christmas presents.  That’s right, I lost my best friend’s Christmas gift, and had to re-purchase it, and a book that I was in the middle of reading.  If I was more organized, there would have been a place for me to keep all of these things, and I most likely would not have lost them.  By purchasing more of these items, I am buying wasteful packaging and possibly wasteful products (consider the materials that the flashlights are made from).  

Secondly, by being organized I will probably recycle more.  In my house, I only really get to clean on the weekends, by then, my house has reached a point of pure chaos!  In an effort to clean the house quickly and get it over with, I am more likely to throw an empty food container in the trash than to rinse it out and put it in the recycling bin.  Just because rinsing it out is an extra step.  If I was organized and kept the house picked up on a daily basis, I would have the time and patience to rinse it out and get it in the right place.

Thirdly I would save on waste, gas AND money by being organized enough to make lunches every night.  When I make lunches for my family, I always put the food in washable and re-usable containers.  Many nights I find it hard to get the lunches made, every time this happens, my daughter ends up using a disposable Styrofoam tray, a non-biodegradable milk carton, and other plastic food containers for her school lunch.  My husband and I end up wasting gas to drive to a restaurant and generally end up with food wrappers and bags to be thrown away as well.  By being organized, I would have the time set aside to make everyone’s lunches and make my life more green.

So those are my New Year’s Resolutions.  What are yours?  If you have a green resolution and have a plan on how to achieve it, please share it with us in the comments!  We would love to hear from you!

  • Well I am using those disposable snack baggies for my lunches everyday. I’ll sit one afternoon and refill about 30 bags. I have been packing two or three baggies with cookie crisp, pretzel sticks, and carrots or potatoe sticks. I put them in one of those closable lockable tupperware boxes to carry in the work truck with me daily.

    I have been reusing the bags and by eating only a limited amount of each I have been saving on (A)filling the garbage waste at work. (B)Breaking down a large bag of chips or cereals saves having to get smaller bags everyday. (C)Helps get rid of uneaten cereals the kids just dont want anymore. (D)cutting down on my food intake as well. Lost 24 pounds that way. Sadley though the holidays have put 11 back on.

    I have also been re-using the same gallon water containers. Both gatorade bottles both small and large. Refilling them over and over with water and putting them in my outdoor fridge or freezer. Great for work or just a refreshing drink. Saves on the landfill waste. Nothing like some fresh well water chilled down and/or partially frozen and just waiting for you at any time. Even got some lemon juice to flavor it. It helps to cut out on the carbonated soda’s and the bottles that are left over afterwards.

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